1. How do I choose the fabric?

First, choose the design.

After that, you need to pick a fabric by using the fabric selection option on the right side of the screen.

You can click this option to visit the fabric page where you can get all the pertinent details of all the fabrics we have along with relevant images.

Now, choose your fabric based on the required size.

That’s it; you can place your order.

2. How do I select a design-based theme fabric?

We have countless designs based on various themes in our design library section. You can access designs based on a theme by clicking the design library tab, which is located at the top of the website.

3. What criteria do I have to select a design from you?

In our design library section, countless designs based on various themes are readily available. You can access designs based on a theme by clicking the design library tab, which can be seen at the top of our website.

4. I want to order printed fabric. What steps do I have to follow?

The first step is to choose the design. After choosing a design, a fabric selection option will appear on the right side of the screen. By clicking this option, you will be taken to the fabric page, where you can view the fabric's image along with all pertinent details. You can pick your fabric size and, finally, place your order.

5. How can I notify the fabric's quality online?

All our fabrics are designed by skilled and diligent artisans, and each of our fabrics possesses distinctive traits. Apart from offering high-quality fabrics to all our customers, we also inform them about the various qualities our fabrics have. Please refer to our product page where we have specifically listed the opacity, color bleeding, and shrinkage characteristics for each fabric.

6. Do you sell only printed fabrics?

Yes, we sell only printed fabric currently.

7. What are the payment options I have?

For payment, we offer prepaid options, as of now. You have the freedom to select the best option that suits you well.

8. My transaction was declined. Now, what am I supposed to do?

Well, you can try again; that’s the best solution! However, if it still doesn't work, a message asking you to retrieve your abandoned cart will arrive in your mail inbox. You can retry your cart by using the link and submitting your order. If your payment has been declined and deducted from your account but the order has not yet been placed, contact our customer support. We guarantee that your issue will be handled promptly.

9. Do you have set costs for various states?

The love we have for our customers is unaffected by the boundaries of other states. Our prices are the same for all of our products across all states. Only the shipping fee varies depending on the order's weight and the location's zip code.

10. Can I have the order shipped to an Indian address?

Why not? There is no doubt that you can pay from outside of India and have it shipped to any Indian town or city. Don't hesitate to get it collected, whether you want to give it as a gift to friends or family or keep it for yourself! Simply take possession of it and place the order. Additionally, all shipping fees that we charge will only be based on domestic prices.

11. How long will it take for me to receive the ordered products?

Depending on the size of your order, it may take up to 7 business days to print the chosen fabric design. Your location and the availability of express shipping may affect the shipping cost. Nevertheless, we make every effort to deliver your order in approx. 7 to 10 business days.

12. Can I order in bulk from abroad? If so, could you kindly assist me through the process?

Yes, we accept large orders from our overseas customers. You can reach our team and place your order directly by calling +91 8849828184.

13. Do you have a specific return policy?

Yes! We only accept returns of items that you received from us that were incorrect or defective. For more information or details regarding our return policy, you can check our Return & Exchange Page.

14. How do I request a return?

Every order with us is customized. We won't accept a return request unless we made a mistake with the fabric or design, or if the item you received was defective.

15. I requested a return. When will I be reimbursed?

Within two weeks of submitting your request for a return order, you'll get your money back. To ensure you're getting your reimbursement early, we will work on your request as soon as we receive it.

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